Why We Love Working With You – Mikołaj Żelichowski – iOS Developer

1. What do you do at Mood Up?

At Mood Up, I am an iOS Developer on the UK-based Sky project. It is an IoT application related to smart home.

2. Do you remember your first days at work? What feelings accompanied you?

I remember it very clearly. On my first day at work, I was received very warmly. I was shown around the office and introduced to the principles and values that guide us at Mood Up. Team iOS immediately took me in, and they greatly supported me. As a warm-up, I was given a task that most mobile developers get. It concerned the Marvel app.

3. What did you career path look like at Mood Up?

My career path at Mood Up started with the then-emerging, in-house project Findia. It’s an app that allows you to discover unique, local places on a map worldwide. After about two months, I was assigned to the English project Neos (now Sky Protect), where I still work. The beginning of this project was tough for me. It is very complex; it consisted of old Objective-C code and was also going through a very large refactor. In addition, I had never worked on smart home applications, so it was a massive challenge.

Thanks to my work on this project, I learned a vast number of libraries and delved into the process of developing innovative home applications.

This gained experience and being “thrown in at the deep end” made me feel very comfortable on the IoT project now, and the whole Team’s actions make the application better and better every day. In addition, I got support from my Team Leader and the entire iOS and Android Team, for which I am incredibly grateful. We form a close-knit team that is not afraid of any challenges.

4. What qualities and skills do you think are essential for the iOS Developer position?

First, it is the desire to acquire new knowledge, constant development in this technology, and the ability to work in a team. It’s worth remembering that we are a team, so if any problems or doubts arise, it’s worth asking and asking your teammates!

In addition, it is essential to be persistent and stubborn in pursuit of your goals. After every complex task, when you think it can’t get any worse, in a moment, you get a mission where you have to face an even bigger problem. Working in IT means constantly challenging yourself to the next level, so always think optimistically and believe in yourself, and with this attitude, you will definitely succeed!

5. What event/project/achievement related to your work at the company will remain in your memory for a long time?

Indeed, any company events, so that we can integrate with the rest of the employees, with whom we only sometimes have direct contact on a daily basis. There is always a great atmosphere at these events, which remains in the memory for a long time.

Professionally, I will undoubtedly remember working on the current project. It helps me to constantly develop and expand my skills.

6. What do you like to do outside of work hours?

After hours as an iOS developer, I am also a personal trainer. I love working with people and helping others strive for their dream figure 🙂

I’ve been involved in various sports since childhood, but I enjoy watching soccer games the most. I support local soccer clubs (especially Lech Poznan, whose matches I regularly attend!) and global ones – here, my heart belongs to Manchester United.

In addition to sports, I create a fitness app in SwiftUI, so I also learn the novelties that Apple serves for developers.

Besides, I love to travel and am currently learning to play the guitar.

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