Why We Love Working With You – Damian Radecki

1. What do you do at Mood Up?

I started working at Mood Up as an Android programmer. I have also been working as a Flutter programmer for several months.

2. Do you remember your first days at work? What feelings accompanied you?

I remember it as if it was yesterday. The first days were full of optimism, a pinch of fear, curiosity and a desire to learn about the new workplace. During those days, I was shown around the office, given equipment and assigned a mentor Kamil, who introduced me to the company’s programming structures. I acclimatized practically immediately. The family atmosphere in the company helped me with this.

3. What did you career path look like at Mood Up?

My path at Mood Up started with a simple project I was already given during my job interview. For the first two weeks, we were focused on learning the prevailing standards in the company and developing some aspects of the application. After that, I was assigned to an internal project, which you can now find in the Play stores and soon on iOS. We are talking about Findia – a geocaching app that allows you to discover local places. In the meantime, I’ve been involved in projects in several fields – from streaming video on Android TVs to apps that act as loyalty cards or special libraries for user identification through document scanning. Coming to the company, I also had experience as a Flutter Developer. After a year as an Android Developer, it enabled me to work in this technology as well. As a Flutter developer, I developed Leslie’s application for ordering food in restaurants and am currently working on EQUiD’s application for identifying and registering horses for competitions. Thanks to my work in this technology, I learned the declarative approach to mobile app development and gained a deeper understanding of iOS and how apps are published in the Apple store.

Thanks to several projects, I had a chance to grapple with many features and capabilities of devices, such as advanced camera support, gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers and video streaming support. I’m glad I could develop applications such as LISA X, KNTLB2 and Findia. I have fond memories of each project, as they allowed me to develop my skills in many aspects of mobile development.

4. What qualities and skills do you think are essential for the Android/Flutter Developer position?

In the position of Android/Flutter Developer, it is essential to have a desire for self-development, to learn about technology and to keep up with the novelties that companies developing mobile systems shower us with every year. Moreover, the work of a programmer, contrary to appearances, is not just looking into your monitor but working with people, so teamwork is essential. Also, remember English, which has now become one of the main requirements in this industry.

5. What event/project/achievement related to your work at the company will remain in your memory for a long time?

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been through a good handful of projects, and I remember practically every one of them very well. So it’s hard to pick one of them as the special one. Indeed, the Laminar project, a Netflix-type streaming platform, was one that I remember fondly. In addition, I worked very well on SportsCam, an app for streaming matches with live score boosting. Regarding design and people, I have fond memories of the LISA X project and KNLTB2. These were two apps, one aimed at field hockey players/teams and the other at tennis. The development of these projects was exciting in many ways, such as good code structure and CI/CD, but it is essential to remember that projects are not only code and applications but also the people we work with. In the case of these applications, people were able to make the day better. You could feel a friendly atmosphere and team chemistry, which added to the desire, especially on cold and dark winter days.

6. What do you like to do outside of work hours?

After work, I enjoy spending time with my fiancée, often with a good TV series or a console game. However, keep in mind that a programmer’s job is mainly sedentary, so to avoid being too passive, I also attend the gym and do yoga at home, and in the summer, I often go for walks with my fiancée. In addition, I like to spend my evenings with a good fantasy book, mainly The Witcher, of which I am a big fan.

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