Why planning is so important?

Over the years Mood Up Labs team worked with many clients so we truly understand that every client is unique. Sometimes they have clear vision of the product, sometimes they don’t. Some are technical, others not. This uniqness might be challenging, but will not be a problem because we believe planning is important and can be very strong ally on our side.

Before app development process begins it is important to figure out how the product will look like and exactly what will fulfill client’s expectations.

Project planning stage

During planning stage we are communicating with customer a lot so that we can provide exactly what he is looking for.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The reason I quote this here is because this is what we believe in Mood Up Labs and we even have awesome poster with this quote in our office. In order to build outstanding product we must know:

  • functionalities
  • design preferences
  • budget
  • deadlines
  • other details thoroughly discussed during planning stage

Depending on the size of a project, plannig stage usually lasts for a week or two. During that time our team will fully understand client’s need and make sure we can meet his expectations.

We work in Agile, so after every sprint we deliver something shippable. It’s no different with planning stage. The main goals are:

  • communication
  • assembling the team
  • product concept
  • wireframes
  • discussing design
  • project documentation


We make sure to discuss every aspect of the app in detail during planning phase so that we can focus on efficient work later on, once all is clear. However, communication doesn’t simply stop after that, client’s involvment is a recipe for succes during whole development cycle .

Assembilng the team

During planning phase we choose developers that will deliver outstanding product. Great variety of projects we’ve worked on helped us gather experience needed, so we will definitely assemble team that suits your needs best.

Product concept

We create product concept with key features and their implementation based on your needs, time and budget. We offer advice in every aspect, from developing the concept to mapping out design and finilizing the requirements listed in product backlog.



After concept is discussed, our designers begin to create low-fidelity wireframes. They are the schema of how your app will look like and how the screens are connected. This is great way to visualize idea of an app and is sort of insurance that nothing will be skipped when project moves to development phase.

Project documentation

Project documentation is last aspect of planning and will help us to describe:

  • user stories – they are extremely helpful in understanding the functionality of product
  • detailed estimation – list of features that will be implemented and hours that of how long will it take
  • project plan – estimation divided into sprints, after each sprint client will receive something shippable, it helps keeping track of project’s progress
  • technical requirements – technical particularities described, e.g.: programming language, approach, external APIs


Planning often seems like an unnecesarry waste of time, it’s common mistake. Good planning is important and offers great head start. It assures that everyone involved undertand project fully and helps organizing work for maximum efficiency.

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