Why nearshoring in Poland is a good choice?

Growth and development of bussineess means facing a lot of challanges. One of them is definitely deciding how much investment you can put into developing projects. Nearshoring in Poland allows to get the job done and cut the costs significantly.

When developing in-house team to certain projects is simply too expensive in current situation, the solution is easy: you find somebody to do this project for you for lower cost.

That’s why terms like outsourcing, offshoring are so popular right now. I would like to describe slightly different, efficient way: nearshoring, particularly in Poland.

What is nearshoring?

Nearshoring is derivative of offshoring as you’ve already probably guessed. It means outsourcing processess to companies in nearby countries, very often sharing a border with the target company.

When it comes to Europe, it’s safe to say that even countries that don’t share same borders can nearshore, e.g. company with headquarters in London can easily cooperate with company in Poland, even though it’s different time zone. Distances aren’t that big to become a problem – it’s just 2 hours flight.

Why nearshoring?

Nearshoring has quite similar advantages as outsourcing and offshoring:

  • Lower costs – it’s plain and simple and most important advantage. Whether we talk about production costs, research, labor and living costs, you name it.
  • Much larger talent pool – you can hire professionals that work at the same quality standards as in your country.

But there are some advantages unique only for nearshoring:

  • Same time zones (or similar as I explained before) – no more pulling an all-nighter to consult the progress with company on the different side of the globe.

    Employees will appreciate it and the risk of staff-burnout drops significantly. And you won’t have to worry about quality of code caused by bleary-eyed developer on graveyard shift.

    By eliminating time difference problem you will also gain optimum time-to-market schedules and you can focus solely on developing your product.
  • Few cultural differences – the same continental region means fewer cultural differences you will face (check the video below, perfect example of this is: how an European can know when Japanese people want to ask a question about your presentation, because they don’t rise hands. Answer? Easy, it depends on how bright their eyes are).

  • Still cost effective
  • Faster problem solving – when problem occurs partners can collaborate faster and easier to solve it. There will be no unnecessary delay caused by different time zones
  • Proximity – short distances allow to more frequent and less expensive face-to-face meetings and that will definitely boost productivity of the collaboration. It will also allow your full involvement. Here at Mood Up we are keen to send out our team members to the client’s headquarter. It’s often important to work closely together at certain stages of projects.

Why nearshoring in Poland?

Moving your IT processes to Poland is a smart move. The population of Poland is larger than Scandinavian countries combined. Every year over 40,000 Polish IT engineers gradute.

When it comes to new technologies, Polish engineers are considered one of the most competent in Europe. Thanks to European Union and Schengen area membership labor and information can be freely exchanged.

Polish culture is European and Poles have no problems in adapting to other countries mentality. They can communicate in English well.

Another important factor is that Poland is accessible from every major European city within 2 hours and prices are very competetive.

Polish economy is described as the one showing constant growth, high level of trust and low level of corruption. What can be said about this country is that it is stable both eonomically and politically.

All these factors ensures stability, flexibility and scalability which makes locating IT processes in Poland very attractive.


While growth of business means more and more challanges, offshoring is one way to be able to reduce costs. Nearshoring is very interesting and promising alternative. Position of Poland makes nearshoring here really beneficial for companies from all over Europe

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