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Video calls and CRM platform for business users.

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Design, frontend development, backend development, QA, maintenance.


Our client wanted to create a custom single-page application for visual customer support and business video communication. Vicodo was designed as a SaaS (Software as a Service) product. This means that scalability was essential so that the app could continue to run smoothly - even as our client acquired new business partners and the user base grew. Because Vicodo functions only as a website, it was also crucial to ensure that it works well on mobile and desktop devices and all popular browsers.


We knew that the application had to be simple enough for a non-technical user but powerful enough for a big company. That’s why we decided to write it in Angular, with the video calls and chat services based on webRTC. In the design phase, we also focused heavily on a clear and intuitive UI so that the setup and onboarding process would be as effortless as possible. The software needed to handle an increasing number of users, so we created an autoscaling infrastructure based on Amazon Web Services. Now when the server load becomes too large, new instances are added automatically.
We delivered all the core features, including an API interface, a website widget (written in Vue.js for better performance), an option to white-label the customer interface, and many more. We ensured that the app is secure by design - this includes E2E encryption, SSL certificate, and full GDPR compliance. We have created multiple testing environments and run extensive iOS and Android tests to ensure that the application runs smoothly on all devices.

Technologies & Methods

JavaScript, TypeScript, RxJS, Node.js, Angular, Angular 5/8/9, Phenix, Git, AWS Services, Jenkins, CircleCI, Express, js, MongoDB, SCSS, HTML
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We have delivered a successful SaaS video call application that is used daily by many companies worldwide. Vicodo is currently partnered with businesses from sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, retail, insurance (including one of the world’s biggest claims provider - Crawford & Company) - and more. The application has also helped numerous companies undergo their digital transformation and operate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The client has been highly satisfied with our cooperation - so much that the team currently continues to work on the project, keeps adding new features, and improves integration to provide additional value for end-users.