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Scalable cashback platform supporting charity organizations.

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Four products. Design, frontend development, backend development, QA, maintenance.


Our client wanted to create a cashback system that would allow Australian customers to earn reward points when purchasing goods and services from associated merchants. The revenue would then be split between the merchants, charity organizations, and the client. All the financial operations and settlements with the bank had to be handled automatically.

When we took the project over from a different software house at an initial stage of development. At that point, only an early version of the backend had been created.


First, we made an in-depth analysis of the customer’s expectations for the project. We agreed that - to fulfill all the business needs - we would need to create an ecosystem of four products: a mobile app for end-customers (for Android and iOS), a terminal application for merchants, an administrator panel for the client, and a WordPress website of the project. We also investigated the backend and decided to rewrite it from JavaScript to TypeScript - that was a much better (and more up-to-date) fit for the project and offered a wide selection of tools.
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The core challenge was to create a system that would automatically handle the financial aspect of the project - even with a large daily number of transactions. There were no similar tools available at the market - so what we did was write a one-of-a-kind system based solely on the documentation from the Australian and New Zealand banking systems. It collects user’s payment details from the database, uses them to generate an invoice, and creates an ABA file, which is later sent to the bank and automatically handles the money transfer. In other words, it takes care of the work that would otherwise have to be done by at least several accountants.

Technologies & Methods

Node.js, Kotlin, Swift, Android Java, Git, Gradle, REST, MySQL, CI/CD, IoT, CircleCI, TypeScript, Angular, HTML, CSS
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We created a unique cashback platform that is reliable and extremely precise - even despite the obstacles related to how decimal numbers translate to binary code, our software never loses even one-hundredth of a cent. We also significantly reduced the amount of accounting workload by automating the financial processes.

Because we have split the platform into microservices, the client can continue to expand the project without worrying about scalability. Currently, they are testing the product on the New Zealand market, but they are also planning to launch it in other countries, including the UK and USA.