Why testing mobile apps is so important?

Mobile testing is now more important than ever before. According to data, by the 2017 users will download somewhere about 270 billion mobile applications. Testing mobile apps plays major role in app’s success and this role will grow further.

The importance of mobile apps testing

The popularity of apps offers huge opportunity. That’s why so many are released every day. With such huge quantity of apps avaible on stores the quality is the thing that stands out and determines whether product is outstanding or mediocre.

Developers are well aware that creating a good testing plan and sticking to it helps in product success.

Shift towards mobile

Shift towards mobile has already been made. Years ago, PC users were fine with waiting for fixes for some time after release. But mobile users can be described best as: impatient. When we use mobile we do it because we want do it now, quickly and in easy way. That’s the whole point of it, isn’t it?

We are now in point of time where smartphone is more personal than a ‘Personal Computer’. That’s why users expect apps to work right and rapidly.

Brand recognition

Furthermore, users tend to associate their experience of an app with whole brand. That’s why Apple and brands connected to Android don’t allow faulty apps on their stores. Good/bad reviews determine whether people will download particular app, buy brand’s products or talk about it.

Variety of devices

Another reason for testing apps is the amount and variety of devices that are in use in the world right now. In 2015, over 1,4 billion smartphones were sold.

smartphone share infographic

Source: Counterpoint research, 2015

When it comes to iOS, variety of deices and operating systems isn’t a huge problem. But when it comes to Android, apps can work differently on every type of device, so testing is crucial.

To put that into perspective, let’s have a look at Facebook. We can all agree that they are pretty good at what they do, right? They are testing new versions of Facebook, Messenger and Instagram on over 2,000 devices. And they are planning to double the amount of devices.

Tests must be made to ensure that speed, privacy, security, UX and many other factors are as best as they can get. This is what determines product’s success and why developing a product is constant proccess. This is what we strongly believe here in Mood Up Labs.


Users don’t care if your team did the best they could. Frustrated, they will simply remove and try different app. So testing and continuous fixing your app is the crucial thing to do to make sure that once it’s downloaded, it will be used frequently. That’s the goal.