Why planning is so important?

Over the years Mood Up Labs team worked with many clients so we truly understand that every client is unique. Sometimes they have clear vision of the product, sometimes they don’t. Some are technical, others not. This uniqness might be challenging, but will not be a problem because we believe planning is important and can be very strong ally on our side. Continue reading “Why planning is so important?”

What are the costs of making a mobile app?

When thinking about developing your own application, one question will surely occure: ‘how much will it cost to build a mobile app?’. It’s only natural and we’ve received this question a lot from our prospective clients here at Mood Up Labs, so we’ve decided it’s high time to put some light on costs of making an app.

Costs of making an app

As you propably are aware of, costs can vary. That’s why it is simply impossible and more importantly not wise to just put the price tag on an app. Instead of that here are some factors that have direct influence on costs of an app:

  1. Your priorities
  2. In-house or Offshore
  3. Devices and platforms
  4. Design
  5. Features
  6. Maintenance
  7. Testing
  8. Marketing

Let’s explain all of the above in a few more sentences.

1. Your priorities

First of all you need to be honest with yourself, a golden rule to follow in app development (but not only) lies in the picture below.


You can choose only two attributes: high quality – cheap – fast.

If somebody tells you that your app can be made day before yesterday, it will fulfill your needs and you will still have money in your pocket is full of… let’s just say he might be talented seller but definitely not honest one.

When something sounds too good to be true it usually is. That’s why your priorities are crucial. You know best how much time, money you can spend and what results are you expecting.

2. In-house or Offshore development

Another factor to consider is whether you can delegate a team of developers to build an app inside your firm or you want to hire somebody to do it.

Offshoring is well known practice to cut costs and it’s derivative – nearshoring is what we strongly believe here at Mood Up Labs and from our experience is highly effective.

With travel distances within Europe and ways to communicate avaible, nearshoring is almost as effective as in-house development and far more cheaper.

3. Devices and Android or/and iOS platforms

With the amount of devices out there, you need to be specific who you want to reach. And here are some things about choosing the right platform to consider.

4. App design

The goal is to make your app beautiful. User Interface is one of the most expensive parts of your app, if done well. It’s because outstanding UI cannot be just beautiful, it has to be useful. After all you build your app for users, so User Experience plays huge role in it’s success.

5. Features

There is not such an app that can do everything, yet many have tried and failed. More features won’t save your app. The features you want to add to your app should be clear right from the start so that you can focus on them. After a while you will be able to decide which are the most important or which ones should be added.

6. Maintenance

App isn’t just fnished after realease, it’s a process. At first you will be able to make some improvements after user’s feedback. After that you need to remember that each new version of the app or Operating System will require bug fixing and updates so that your app will run smoothly.

7. Testing an app is very important

Whole purpose of testing is for you (your users) to be satisfied with how the app works. Costs will rise with the amount of testing, but testing procedures play major role in app success.

8. Marketing

Finally, your app is ready. Now you need to decide how to monetize it. There are several ways to reach potential users and that should also be considered as cost of building an app.


Remember that estimating costs of building an app is far more complex than simply v1.0 budget. If you are really giving yourself a chance, you need to see beyond that. Take factors described above under consideration and it will help get you started. If you hear from someone about the price without asking detailed questions, be sure you’re talking to newbies and getting into trouble.

Should you have any questions, Mood Up Team of mobile experts will be happy to help.