Why planning is so important?

Over the years Mood Up Labs team worked with many clients so we truly understand that every client is unique. Sometimes they have clear vision of the product, sometimes they don’t. Some are technical, others not. This uniqness might be challenging, but will not be a problem because we believe planning is important and can be very strong ally on our side. Continue reading “Why planning is so important?”

Why client’s full involvement is a recipe for success? (Pt. I)

Great app at the end, that’s the goal. By that I mean a succesful product, something you will be proud of. Your involvement is important if you really want to do this. So let our journey begin, a quick one divided in parts.

You’ve already heard about waterfall methodologies, but Agile means athletic (Rio 2016 Olympics, yes) and we believe in it here at Mood Up Labs, that’s why we want you to be involved as much as possible. In this post I will quickly describe our aproach.

So really, why do we need your full invlovement?


This picture is the perfect example of how we work, we solve things, just give us a puzzle

Decisive argument will be that planning phase is essential, we need your involvement because we need to know what do you want us to build.

Your involovement is the key for success

You are the first user of your app, aren’t you?

As a first user, you will be able to know exactly what you want and won’t and you will be able to communicate your desires. What features will be involved? What would you like in next release?

You are in charge and the best part is: after every sprint you will get release, sometimes after the first one.

Usain Bolt get's that

Usain Bolt get’s that

Once you are first, you will be able to analyze your strategy, correct it, and be first again – said every winner in the game.

This is our approach and let me quote our Project Manger – Wojtek, he puts real essence into this in one sentence:

“Planning phase is very important: the exact scope of a project is defined, so we will know what to do and how to do it.”

I could dwell on that, and I will, what’s your’s opinion on planning or client’s involvement?