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female colleagues discussing user interface design
User Interface design – what is it, importance, how to do it and what to avoid
Tempo de leitura: 6 minutos

  Mobile devices are an integral part of our lives today with apps fulfilling diverse needs with a few taps…

28 ago 2019
Notebook with idea
7 Reasons Why Product Design Has a Huge Impact on Your Product’s Success
Tempo de leitura: 4 minutos

  The development and launch of an app is no easy endeavour which is why we encourage our clients to…

21 ago 2019
man typing on macbook
Should you expand your in-house development team or hire a software house?
Tempo de leitura: 7 minutos

  Most companies require the services of software developers at one point in their business operations, whether it be for…

04 ago 2019
Illustration of native apps being superior to hybrid apps
Native vs Hybrid – which is better for Mobile App Development?
Tempo de leitura: 4 minutos

  With hybrid development tools such as Ionic or Cordova being all the rage for app development these days, you…

29 jul 2019
illustration of man thinking
8 questions to ask yourself before developing a mobile app
Tempo de leitura: 7 minutos

  With 5.28 billion mobile broadband subscriptions as of the end of 2018, it’s safe to assume that developing a mobile…

19 jul 2019
illustration of sad looking broken phone
Does your App need an update? Check for these 7 signs
Tempo de leitura: 5 minutos

  With almost everyone scrambling to deploy an app to bring their services closer to the customer’s fingertips, your app…

16 jul 2019
software tester pointing at a screen with code
8 Valuable Practices for a Better Code Review
Tempo de leitura: 5 minutos

  Code review is the systematic examination of a software product’s source code in order to discover mistakes that might…

10 jul 2019
Computer with Node.js Django Spring Ruby on Rails logos
Which Backend Framework Is Right for Your Project?
Tempo de leitura: 5 minutos

  Any web development project is usually divided into two core phases: frontend and backend development. Frontend development refers to…

01 jul 2019
Pink sticky note with Run Usability Test Written On it
Usability Testing: the Key to Design Validation
Tempo de leitura: 4 minutos

  Our partners hire us to bring their ideas to life and design validation helps us make sure the end…

27 jun 2019
Paying for software using fixed price contracts vs time and material contracts
Fixed Price vs Time and Materials: which software pricing contract is right for you?
Tempo de leitura: 5 minutos

  The cost of development is always an important consideration when looking to hire a software development partner, and rightfully…

24 jun 2019
Side by side comparison of mobile apps with good and bad UX design
A Bad UX Can Kill Your App. What Can You Do to Avoid It?
Tempo de leitura: 4 minutos

  “If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.” Dr Ralf Speth-…

19 jun 2019
Developers coding custom software on laptops
8 Reasons You Should Opt for Custom Software Development
Tempo de leitura: 5 minutos

Making a decision on whether to invest in custom software development or in an off the shelf software solution can…

17 jun 2019

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