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Flutter in programming
What is Flutter and how does it work
Tempo de leitura: 7 minutos

What is Flutter? Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building natively compiled applications for mobile, web, desktop, and embedded  devices…

12 ago 2021
two people near smarthome
Your house is your castle – are smart homes the future?
Tempo de leitura: 9 minutos

The term ‘smart home’ refers to a home arrangement where appliances and  devices can be automatically controlled from anywhere –…

05 ago 2021
mood up android
What is Jetpack Compose and why do we need it?
Tempo de leitura: 6 minutos

Jetpack compose is a modern Android UI toolkit introduced by Google. It simplifies the app development process and speeds it…

15 jan 2021
mood up blog
7 things companies can do for their employees during the pandemic
Tempo de leitura: 5 minutos

There is no doubt that the year 2020 has been a challenging one. Even if companies and their employees were…

27 nov 2020
mood up
11 qualities of a great QA tester
Tempo de leitura: 5 minutos

In this day and age, hardly anyone needs proof that software testing is crucial to its success. However, if you…

12 out 2020
video call people phone tips communication
6 do’s and don’ts of video calls
Tempo de leitura: 5 minutos

Can you imagine a day of work without video conferences? Neither can we. They are convenient, easy to set up,…

09 set 2020
mood up team
6 Tips How To Make Your Home Office Efficient
Tempo de leitura: 6 minutos

Times have been shifting and with changing times the tech and the needs of people have taken a turn too.…

15 jul 2020
Man phone illustration
6 questions startup founders should ask themselves before developing an app
Tempo de leitura: 5 minutos

  App development is all the rage these days and you might be seriously considering developing one for yourself. What…

15 jun 2020
iphone money mobile app
5 top ways a free mobile app can earn money
Tempo de leitura: 4 minutos

  One of the most important considerations when building an app is its monetization strategy.  App development isn’t cheap undertaking…

15 Maio 2020
Searching seo web development
Does your app need a dedicated landing page? 
Tempo de leitura: 5 minutos

  Imagine that you are creating an app choke-full of recipes for cooking great Italian cuisine. It’s a great idea…

15 abr 2020
Bug fixing and finding
What metrics can you use to verify the quality of software?
Tempo de leitura: 5 minutos

  Software quality is a way to describe how accurately the product fits the project objectives, client’s needs and general…

26 mar 2020
mobile app design and development
What’s a User Persona and what should you avoid when creating them?
Tempo de leitura: 7 minutos

  User Personas according to their creator Alan Cooper are “hypothetical archetypes of the actual users. Although they are imaginary, they are…

12 mar 2020

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