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What metrics can you use to verify the quality of software?
Tempo de leitura: 5 minutos

  Software quality is a way to describe how accurately the product fits the project objectives, client’s needs and general…

26 mar 2020
What’s a User Persona and what should you avoid when creating them?
Tempo de leitura: 7 minutos

  User Personas according to their creator Alan Cooper are “hypothetical archetypes of the actual users. Although they are imaginary, they are…

12 mar 2020
Bug testing illustration 1
Why is Mobile Application Testing Important?
Tempo de leitura: 5 minutos

  With over 2 million apps on Google’s Play Store, and 1.84 million on Apple’s App store (statista, 2019) the…

25 set 2019
macbook with Slack sticker 1
8 Slack etiquette tips you should know about
Tempo de leitura: 4 minutos

  There was once a time when e-mails were considered the go-to tool for internal and external communication. Then came…

19 set 2019
illustration with 5 stars 1
Why you should look at reviews before picking a software house
Tempo de leitura: 2 minutos

  Creating and launching a successful mobile app is no easy feat and one of the main reasons for app…

16 set 2019
Colleagues at work highfive 1
7 reasons Poland is the best place to outsource developers
Tempo de leitura: 5 minutos

  If you are reading this article, it’s safe to assume that you are doing so with purpose and seek…

02 set 2019
female colleagues discussing user interface design
User Interface design – what is it, importance, how to do it and what to avoid
Tempo de leitura: 6 minutos

  Mobile devices are an integral part of our lives today with apps fulfilling diverse needs with a few taps…

28 ago 2019
Notebook with idea
7 Reasons Why Product Design Has a Huge Impact on Your Product’s Success
Tempo de leitura: 4 minutos

  The development and launch of an app is no easy endeavour which is why we encourage our clients to…

21 ago 2019
man typing on macbook
Should you expand your in-house development team or hire a software house?
Tempo de leitura: 7 minutos

  Most companies require the services of software developers at one point in their business operations, whether it be for…

04 ago 2019
Illustration of native apps being superior to hybrid apps
Native vs Hybrid – which is better for Mobile App Development?
Tempo de leitura: 4 minutos

  With hybrid development tools such as Ionic or Cordova being all the rage for app development these days, you…

29 jul 2019
illustration of man thinking
8 questions to ask yourself before developing a mobile app
Tempo de leitura: 7 minutos

  With 5.28 billion mobile broadband subscriptions as of the end of 2018, it’s safe to assume that developing a mobile…

19 jul 2019
illustration of sad looking broken phone
Does your App need an update? Check for these 7 signs
Tempo de leitura: 5 minutos

  With almost everyone scrambling to deploy an app to bring their services closer to the customer’s fingertips, your app…

16 jul 2019

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