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Smart home application for monitoring emergencies.

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Design, frontend development, QA, maintenance.


Our client wanted to create a smart home mobile application that would allow the end-users to monitor their houses for emergencies and break-ins. The application needed to be compatible with multiple external sensors (like leak detectors or motion cameras). The core feature was smooth data transfer from the devices into the app in real-time.We took the Android application over from a different software house in its early version and have designed and written the iOS version from scratch.


There is no room for errors in an emergency monitoring application. We knew that we have to ensure it can seamlessly communicate with all external devices. An additional challenge was that our client cooperated with a broad range of manufacturers. Because of that, the hardware of each sensor was different. We have addressed that and ensured that the application runs smoothly by using native languages with some elements of low-level programming.
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As our cooperation with the client continued, the technology we initially used started to grow 
outdated after a few years. To maintain the high quality of the application, we have decided to rewrite it in Swift and Kotlin. This has caused some clashes between the new and the old modules - and we didn’t want that to hinder our progress. To solve this, our QA team began using a request-tracking app so that they could quickly pinpoint the source of the problem 
and communicate it to developers. It has significantly sped up the development and made the transition process smoother.

Technologies & Methods

Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C, Python Home Kit, IoT, White Labeling, CI/CD, Git, In-App Purchases, Swift, Android SDK, Parse, Reactive Programming
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We have created a successful mobile application that supports over a dozen external sensor devices. Our cooperation with the client has continued for over seven years. During that time, the list of compatible external devices has expanded, and we have added several new features, such as geofencing (auto arming).

Thousands of users, especially around the UK, use our application daily to keep their homes secure. According to their testimonials, we have helped them prevent thousands of pounds worth of damage caused by leaks, fires, or break-ins.
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