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Why you should look at reviews before picking a software house


Creating and launching a successful mobile app is no easy feat and one of the main reasons for app failure is mobile app complexityTo create a beautifully designed app, many developers will create a product that becomes too complex to use. At Mood Up Team, we go by the motto that “less is more” and work with our clients to make sure their apps are easy to use, do not crash, and look enticing  to customers. 

But how will you, as a seeker of a software house for your app know all this? By reading our reviews of course!

To develop successful mobile apps for our clients, we rely on customer feedback and reviews. We appreciate companies like Clutch, a ratings and review website for B2B service providers who ranked us as a top mobile app development company in Poland in 2019!Mood Up Team is also proud to be in the top 100 of Internet of Things developers around the world on Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest. 

One of our satisfied clients recently left a review on Clutch’s platform. This client asked us to create an iOS/Android self-help app that allows users to access coaching sessions, log thoughts, and prepare for future goals. 

Clutch review Moodupteam

We created a Slack channel with the client to maintain constant communication and keep everyone accountable so that we may deliver the product on-time. This client gave us 5 stars in the “willing to refer category” and wrote in the review that they would definitely work with Mood Up Team in the future to create another app. 

Not only was our client happy with this self-help app, but the app itself was also met with positive user feedback! We worked with this client after the app launched to get updates on user experience to ensure our app was not difficult to use. 

Another satisfied client was an insurance company for whom we developed a native iOS and Android app that could interact with security equipment, provide direct contact with technical support, and enable customers to monitor insurance status. 

Clutch review Moodupteam project

In their review above, the CEO of the insurance company wrote that “the app has enabled the software to work across multiple systems.” and gave credit for our experience, diligence and communication skills. 

Such reviews help improve our business processes and allow our clients to hear third party feedback about our work. This is important as app development if done wrong can end up being a costly affair and should be an important consideration when picking a software house.  We continue to work with our clients based on their reviews as with our apps as a successful project is one where all stakeholders are happy with the outcome.  

Considering 32% of small businesses have an app, businesses recognize the value that apps offer. Contact us today about how we can provide app development solutions to grow your business.

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