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Why native apps are better choice

Why native apps are better choice?

Developing an app requires numerous things that you need to consider . When idea has emerged, you can move to planning, development process, testing and then finally you start deployment. However, there is question that you need to answer even before starting whole development journey. You need to decide how you want to create your app – whether to make it a web app or native app.

In this article you will find out what exactly are native and web apps and why here at Mood Up Labs we strongly believe that native apps are better.


Web vs. native – what’s the difference?

Web apps are applications that can run on desktop in web browser or can be accessed via your smartphone browser, Internet connection is required . They are created using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. They don’t need to be downloaded onto device. They look the same on every device, no matter what OS you are using and it is easier to offer them at multiple platforms, because no special approval from app stores is required.

Native apps on the other hand are tailored for each and every device they are supposed to run onto, they are written in language that is specific to platform . They are compiled using native SDKs and run independently from a browser on mobile devices. They are more complex to develop and need to be downloaded, you can do so by choosing them from app stores, e.g. Apple’s App Store or Google Play store.

World is heading towards mobile  and the day when desktop computer will be used only by few is closer than you might think. Right now number of mobile users is bigger than desktop users.



Native apps are preffered by customers

Studies show that mobile experience is crucial to brand image and the way users are interacting with it. Poorly delivered mobile experience can put off customers and right now every business should be customer-focused.  Companies that develop native app get immediate competitive advantage.

Here are reasons why at Mood Up Labs we strongly believe native apps are better choice:

#1 Native apps are offering better personalization

Personalization is the key and thanks to native apps, you can provide your users with communication based on their location, behavior, interests and other factors.

And that’s not all, personalized content can result in higher conversion rates.

#2 Notifications

E-mails so widely used and sometimes even abused by companies are no longer very effective way of communication. Open rates are dropping, not to mention click rates.

Just think about amount of e-mails you receive every single day, even if it’s not spam. There is no way that you will spend your most valuable asset – time, to read every offer you get.

Here comes push notifications and in-app notifications offered by native apps – they communicate in non-intrusive manner with your user instantly.

They can result in very good click-through rates if your notification campaign is planned carefully.

#3 Mobile device features

Native apps can take advantage of device features such as: GPS, contact list, camera, accelerometer and many others, thanks to that they might deliver interactive and entertaining UX.

While adding more and more features is not recipe for success, choosing them wisely will make your product better.

#4 Native apps work offline

One of the most basic difference between web and native apps – the latter can work offline. While majority of them need Internet connection to perform crucial tasks, they still offer content and functionalities in offline mode.

#5 Design

Web apps are dependant on browser, so address bar, ‘refresh’ and ‘back’ buttons must be taken under consideration.

Native apps don’t have that restriction so by choosing them you gain freedom in designing app with elaborate functions that can offer innovative functionalities.



#6 Users preffer apps

Users are spending a lotmore time on apps than websites and it’s safe to say that amount of time will still rise. We often see people stop using desktop computer to reply to someone or check something on their smartphone, don’t we?

#7 Native apps are faster

Well-developed native app is quicker than web app and as I mentioned earlier – time is our most valuable asset.

Native apps usually store data on mobile device so they can run smoothly, they also store user’s preferences, so that UX can be much better.


Developing native app requires more effort and resources but in the long run it pays off . Both, native and web apps have their pros and cons but native apps offer great personalization and efficiency. Delightful user experience is the key to successful product and higher chances are you will achieve it with native app.


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