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Why testing mobile apps is so important

Mobile App Testing: Why You Should Always Do It

Demand for mobile apps is surging year on year, with 2017 topping a global app download of over 175 billion and consumer spending that exceeded past $86 billion. This offers a huge opportunity, with many players attempting to outshine their rivals to increase their share in this space.

Smartphones today are considered very personal devices, with users expecting instant gratification and high performance from the apps they use. The haphazard release of apps, however, is not the solution, with many developers preferring to follow an agile approach to development, supported by a robust testing plan, to ensure the end product is of high quality.

Users also tend to associate their experience of an app with the brand it represents. All apps that carry a brands name should, therefore, be tested rigorously to ensure it functions as it should, in order to prevent any harm to the brand it represents.

Another important reason why app developers should test their apps is compatibility, as there is a vast array of mobile devices in the market, with the number expected to increase to 6 billion by 2020. App makers should, therefore, undertake rigorous test standards to ensure compatibility with the numerous devices and operating systems that exist.

Source: Counterpoint research, 2015

This might not be as big a problem for apps that run on iOS, as Android whose source code is open and shared widely with many OEMs.

An interesting example for this is Facebook, who continue to rigorously test new versions of its products such as Facebook, Messenger and Instagram on over 2,000 devices.


The smooth functioning of an app plays a key role in its success, which is why we at Mood Up base our development and testing on Agile processes. Rigorous test standards play an essential role in ensuring the speed, privacy, security and UX, users expect of an app developed today and should be made a priority. Remember, there is no lack of great apps that failed due to substandard testing!

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