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Powerful Designers Developers Mix

Designers + Developers = Better Products

Today’s modern product development life cycle requires designers and developers to communicate more and collaborate, a far cry from a time when they worked in their own silos and converged only at hour-long meetings.

Such an approach to work allows for a smoother and faster development cycle, as expected of all projects that function on the Agle methodology. It also allows for

#1 Instant problem solving

Problems in a software development project need to be resolved fast, as it can interfere with the velocity and delivery of the expected product at the end of a sprint. That’s why we at Mood Up pair designers and developers, as it allows for faster feedback and brainstorming solutions.


#2 No more backtracking

Hiccups are part and parcel of any software development project as we cannot anticipate every issue that will pop up. We could, however, reduce the probability of such issues by pairing designers and developers, who will work simultaneously.

Such pair programming allows each other to keep track of the velocity of the project, and deliver required components on time and budget as one cannot work without the other.


#3 Budget-friendly project

Contrary to popular beliefs, software houses do their best to produce high-quality products at the lowest possible cost for clients.

That’s why our clients love our efficient approach to development that is only possible by uniting designers and developers.

Great product with lower billable hours = happy client


#4 Speed up the process

As we keep reiterating, communication is essential to our velocity in product development. Faster communication help us solve problems as they arise, reduce billable hours to our clients and get back to what we do best- code.

That’s why we recommend our approach of mixing designers and developers together to all software houses.

Remember,dynamic products require dynamic solutions.

Here is what our lead designer, Dawid had to say on this

“Communication is the key for faster development. I’ve found itincredibly useful to have developers in the same room we do our designs in. It helps us to discuss progress, what needs to be done and how we can improve on current builds so that the client gets the best product possible. Such a collaborative approach allows us to accomplish a significant amount of high-quality work in short timeframes.”

We’d love to hear your opinion about our approach to pairing designers and developers together. Is it one you would try foryour project?

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