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8 things to consider before building an IoT app

With the Internet of Things (IoT) helping users with everyday tasks from entertainment, fitness, home automation and security, it’s a good idea to upgrade/create your app on the same. Developing such apps are now easier, thanks to increasing acceptance of users, growth in smart devices and cloud-based technologies. Moreover, such apps allow for integrations with artificial intelligence, allowing connected devices to be smarter and more effective.

Developing an IoT app, however, needs some careful thinking as their development is different from traditional web and mobile apps on account of their always-connectedness.

1. The platform

An IoT platform is essentially the ecosystem that supports and connects the physical devices to each other. They collect the data from these connected devices and provide a platform through which the devices, software, data can be managed and analysed to improve functionality.  

The growth in IoT has garnered the attention of the big tech players such as Microsoft, Amazon, SAP, CISCO, IBM and Google who now offer read made, secure platforms that help app developers to accelerate the pace of development with lower risks and costs. You can also create a custom made platform from scratch, but this might lead to longer and costlier development.

 Choosing the right platform with their technical jargon is no easy task, which is why we encourage you to write to us at Mood Up with your idea.

2. The devices

The physical device you intend to have your app connect with is a very important consideration when developing an app. Below are the questions we like to ask our clients

  • what kind of functionality does your app perform?
  • which industry do you want to cater to? Entertainment? Fitness? Home security?
  • do you own a line of hardware devices you would like to connect to the IoT?
  • would you like your app to be connected to certain hardware or expect interoperability with many devices?

3. Privacy

Privacy concerns are a thorny issue and rightfully so, as our data is a powerful currency in today’s digital economy.

This is all the more important as IoT devices are always online and gather vast amounts of user data on a real-time basis to provide the services it does.

Remember, privacy breaches are costly to a company’s bottom line and more importantly, its reputation.

4. Security

IoT apps are in constant communication with each other, which is what makes them different from traditional web and mobiles apps. Security threats to the firmware, therefore, are more pronounced which is why IoT apps need stringent security protocols and continuous updates.

5. Scalability

With Gartner expecting 95% of all new products to use IoT by 2020, your app should be able to match a growing number of uses.

Doing so will allow you to add more functionalities while keeping security in check to remain relevant and successful in the future.

6. The user experience

Customer experience plays a pivotal part in any app and this is all the more so in an IoT app as it is akin to an extension of a user.

Doing research on customer expectations, features and integrating lean design standards, therefore, is important.

7. Speed and quality

IoT devices get their namesake for their ability to be always connected, which is why speed and quality of the experience are crucial to the success of any such app.

8. Cost

The costs of the building an IoT app as you might have guessed is different from a regular web or mobile app due to its nature.

This, however, is dependent on many factors that include the above, the functionalities expected and the technical skills of the developers you’d hire.


The role of technology is to ease the lives of its users and IoT devices are its forefront. Such devices provide a very large market potential which is why we are seeing an increased focus on developing apps that are always connected to the internet. Our advice, however, is to first be clear on the idea for your app and then partner with a software house that has the necessary skillsets, experience necessary to advise, build and deploy your app.

Mood Up team several years of experience in developing IoT apps. Take a look at our work in IoT apps here or send us your idea for an estimate here.

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