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7 things companies can do for their employees during the pandemic

There is no doubt that the year 2020 has been a challenging one. Even if companies and their employees were not affected by the coronavirus directly, the constant changes and the uncertainty of the situation has been a strain on both mental and physical health. With all that going on, taking care of workplace morale and employees’ wellbeing has become more pressing than ever. Wondering how to do it right? Do not worry – for those who wish to earn the employer of the year title but are not sure where to start, we have prepared a list of seven proven solutions tested by MoodUp Team.


Remote work

Social distancing is said to be the best way of preventing infections. It’s why home office currently seems to be the safest option. Allowing employees to work from home is then recommended for every employer who cares about their health and safety. But there is more to ‘allowing remote work’ than just granting official permission. It also means providing employees with the right hardware and software that will ensure smooth communication and workflow. And let us not forget about working stations – in MoodUp, we want our employees to enjoy an ergonomic workplace even at the comfort of their homes. In our case, that means delivering their favorite and comfortable office chairs directly to their doorstep.


Office safety

There are some situations when working remotely is just not an option – IT administrators know that all too well. But in fact all employees have to visit their office sometimes, for example to have their hardware repaired or hold an on-site meeting with a client. And since having people in the office cannot always be avoided, it is the employer’s role to make sure that everyone can work in safe conditions. That means keeping the two-meter distance between the workstations , making sure that all surfaces are disinfected regularly, and providing employees with the right equipment, such as hand sanitizer. Reminders about safety precautions placed in the strategic areas of the office are a nice touch, too.



In case there is an urgent need to visit the office, employees have to face a new problem – how to arrive there without risking an infection. Some decide to use public transportation – unfortunately, those vehicles are where many people are gathered in a relatively small area. In the current times, that seems like a health hazard – one that can and should be avoided.

We have come up with a solution. MoodUp joined the Uber for business and Bolt Business platforms and granted each employee a monthly spending limit. To make sure that our people are safe outside their working hours as well, we have separate budgets for work-related travels and their private activities. Just be warned – side effects of this solution might include employees coming to the office on time twice as often.


Proper healthcare

One of the most sought-after benefits offered by companies is access to private healthcare or life insurance – and during the pandemic, it has become even more crucial. We have been offering that benefit for a while now, but in MoodUp, we like to go the extra mile. That includes providing employees with antibody tests so that they can check if they had contact with the COVID-19 virus in the past months despite not showing any symptoms. We have also purchased several pulse oximeters that help monitor employees’ condition by checking the oxygen saturation level in their blood as well as oxygen concentrators for emergencies.


photo 02
Oxygen concentrators are ready to use


Taking precautions

Preventing infection starts with a healthy lifestyle. That is where employers have a chance to get creative – there are as many incentives as there are companies. We try to approach the matter from several angles. The first is promoting exercising and staying active, and it has been a big part of MoodUp’s working culture from the very beginning. We regularly rent a gym to have a game of volleyball, and just last month our employees started attending free yoga classes together. Once a week, we also offer free massages to help employees lessen the strain on their spines caused by desk work.

Another action we take to ensure our employees stay healthy is boosting their immune system – quite literally. Lately everyone in MoodUp has received a gift box that included healthy snacks, natural raspberry juice, fresh ginger and some delicious honey. It also featured a MoodUp facemask and a bottle of hand sanitizer for that extra protection.


photo 01
“Health box” gifted to every Mood Up employee


Financial security 

But what happens if an employee becomes infected anyway? In Poland, regular employees are compensated for the time they spend on sick leave – however, this is not true for all countries. What is more, some people are self-employed and prefer the B2B type of contract – and that is where the matter of compensation becomes complicated. That is why every caring employer should make sure their employees can sleep soundly, knowing that they will not lose their source of income if they happen to fall sick. 

We’ve got that covered. In MoodUp, if an employee tests positive for coronavirus, they are guaranteed to receive a major part of their salary even if they are unable to work – regardless of their type of contact. And if they decide they are still in good enough condition to work remotely, they receive as much as 150% of their salary to cover any other expenses. We are planning to throw in a small bonus too. Those unable to leave their home will get some extra funds that they can spend on the Uber Eats platform.


Staying in touch

It is important to remember that the pandemic is a strain on both mental and physical health. Good employers take that into account – and although face-to-face meetings are not recommended anymore, they make sure that the employees do not lose contact with their coworkers. Why not order everyone a pizza and enjoy it together at a Zoom meeting or host an online game tournament? The possibilities for virtual meetups are nearly endless.


Going the extra mile

Are all these solutions worth it? Definitely. Employees who feel secure about their job are guaranteed to perform better than those who worry about the pandemic affecting their careers or income. It can also be a huge boost to the workplace atmosphere or relations, which impact on the projects is often immeasurable.

What does your company do to ensure the employees’ wellbeing during the pandemic?


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