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7 reasons Poland is the best place to outsource developers


If you are reading this article, it’s safe to assume that you are doing so with purpose and seek to have a software product developed. The expectations you have of the software development partner, therefore, would be a history of successful products , a commitment to quality , great communication standards and flexible costs. These are all areas in which Polish software houses excel and the reason Poland is fast becoming the tech powerhouse in Europe. 

Don’t take our word for it, take a look at the data yourself. 

1. High quality IT education and abundance of skilled developers

Poland as per theWorld Bankis among the top three fastest-growing economies in the European Union, with inflation under control and strong wage growth.

The year 2017/2018 saw close to 70,000 students studying IT in Polish universities as per GUS (Central Statistical Office in Poland). These students upon graduation will join an already sizable population of developers, which in 2017 numbered to254,000

We invite you to take a look at the breakdown of the number of developers in Central & Eastern Europe. Where do you see an abundance of developers?

developer population of central and estern europe

But are these developers good? Do all of these find jobs? Yes and yes, as per the World Bank who cites Poland’s unemployment rate below4%

2. Polish developers work with the latest tech stacks 

Poland has always been a hub of innovation, but this was largely throttled during the period of occupation by the soviets. The fall of the iron curtain, however, saw Poland surge ahead to catch up on the latest technologies and is why Polish developers are not held back by system thinking and old mental models created from work on legacy technologies. 

This is the reason why Poland ranks in the top 3 amongst nations with the best developers in research conducted by HackerRank

countries with the best developers

3. Polish software is a testament to how quality code can also be moderately priced

Costs are important and we don’t blame you for being wary of pricey software developers as the top priority of any project manager is to minimise the spend and maximise the returns. The real question, however, is quality code and good rates mutually exclusive? 

Median salary for developers by experience

The answer as per the latest data fromstackoverflowis yes if you look to get your software developed in nations that are traditionally associated with high-quality developers. This is reinforced by the many horrors stories floating around about how companies that opted for cheap outsourcing in India and China were left stranded with overblown budgets and no discernible results to show. 

Now take a look at the median salary per month of the developers in Poland

median and salary distribution monthly poland software engineer

12,395 PLN (local currency) which is the highest median salary per month for Polish software developers is around 3132 USD as perXE.com. The cost of hiring a highly skilled software developer per year, therefore, would be around 37584 USD. 

4. English is the de facto programmer language and Polish developers are darn good at it 

Communication with your developers is pivotal and the preferred language for most clients is English. The Poles rank 13th in the 2018EF English Proficiency Index, with 62.45, study English as a compulsory second language and do not seem to be slowing down on their English entertainment consumption anytime soon. 

EF English Proficiency Index

The number of developers who are proficient in English is close to 100% as it is the de facto language for communicating, filing tickets, contacting tech support, code comments and documentation. Companies such as ours also invest in English lessons for our employees as we are firm believers in continuous professional development. 

This mindset and capacity to learn are perhaps why many big players such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and Google have their R&D and software departments in Poland. 

5. Poland is in the centre of Europe 

One of the key reasons Poland is fast becoming the preferred location for software outsourcing is its central location in Europe. Poznan, a popular IT hub in which we are based, is a 3-hour drive from Berlin and 2 hours by flight from London. All other European cities are equally close and pose no travel difficulties owning to the many airlines that fly back and forth. 

Just take a look at the flight routes of LOT, the national airline of Poland. 

LOT Europe Routes

But what if you live in North America? Well, the flight is considerably longer, but we are only a mere 6 hours ahead of Washington and 9 hours in front of California. 

This time difference is very useful as it allows us to give a report of the work in progress, which the client can read throughout the day and provide feedback, just in time for when we return to work the next day. Win-win!

6. Very little cultural differences

Poland’s culture is very similar to those you would find in the rest of Europe, so you won’t encounter any drastic changes in the manner we do business, conduct negotiations and deliver the services you require of us. Communication is smooth and without hitches due to our high proficiency in English, ensuring no surprises are waiting at the end of the development due to misunderstandings. 

This existing culture is strengthened and added to by a rapid influx offoreign students who now opt to study in Poland. These students as you can imagine study in English across many disciplines and enter into the Polish labour force (IT mainly).

foreign students in poland numbers and facts

7. Poland complies with EU regulations on intellectual protection 

Poland is part of The World Trade Organisation, the Patent Cooperation Treaty, the European Union and takes a very strict approach to protect intellectual property (IP). Europe’s standards on IP comply with those of the United States, giving you peace of mind in the knowledge that your product and all its data are safe from any undue harm.


Outsourcing or nearshoring your software development to a company outside the boundaries of your nation can be a tough decision. But rest assured if you do decide to invest in your product with a Polish company after doing some diligent research and asking the right questions. Polish developers are young, eager to learn, adapt easily, speak English, highly skilled and is a testament to how quality code can be delivered at reasonable prices. 

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