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Why nearshoring in Poland is a good choice

6 Reasons Why Nearshoring in Poland Is a Good Choice

Scaling a business brings a fair bit of what we like to call growing pains, requiring many considerations from the owners part. One such key consideration that we would like to highlight today is the investment one must make in a product, to ensure it creates real business value and continue to do so.

Of course, you can opt to hire a software developer or delegate it to an in-house development team if you have one. Doing so, however, might lead to lower creativity, reduced innovativeness with longer development times and higher costs.

Such recurring issues is why many clients prefer to hand over their ideas for growth to external software houses who possess the required creativity, tools and technical expertise to deliver high-quality products at lower costs.

What is nearshoring?

Nearshoring as you might have guessed is a derivative of the termoffshoringand is essentially the outsourcing of processes to companies in nearby countries. Such outsourcing of work to countries near each other is proving to be quiet popular in Europe where most nations are only a few hours of flying away.

Example- a customer in London can outsource their work to a company in Poland and make periodical visits to check on progress with a two-hour flight.

What benefits does nearshoring bring?

Nearshoring shares a few benefits with outsourcing

  1. Lower costs–  a client that opts to nearshore their work incurs lower production, research and labour costs.
  2. Access to a larger talent pool – you can hire professionals

Some advantages, however, are unique to nearshoring

  1. Same time zones– large time zone differences make regular communication difficult, leaving both parties bleary-eyed with late-night/early morning consultations. Nearshoring remedies this as the lack of large time differences reduce the need for developers to pull graveyard shifts, improving theirquality of code.
  2. Fewer cultural differences– being on the same continental region means fewer cultural differences and enhanced cooperation.
  3. Faster problem-solving– being on the same time zone or in one close to the developer provides the client with the ability to reach out and highlight any issues. The developers, in turn, can respond at the same speed, leading to faster problem-solving.
  4. Proximity– short distances allow for more frequent and less expensiveface-to-facemeetings that will definitelyboost the productivityof the collaboration. This is important to us as we take a partnership approach to our clients and require theirfull involvement, just as we send our team to client HQ.

Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!

Why choose Poland for nearshoring?

  1. Software development services arecompetitively priced.
  2. The population of Poland is larger than Scandinavian countries combined and produces over40,000 IT engineers each year.
  3. Polish engineers are considered one of themost competentin Europe when it comes to new technologies. Their skills are enhanced by Poland’s membership in the European Union and Schengen area which allows for the free exchange of labour and information.
  4. Polish culture is inherently European, ensuringa closer fit with other European clients.Poles are also very adoptive withhigh communicative skills in English,  seamlessly integrating with cultures outside Europe.
  5. Poland’s geographical location in central Europe makes itaccessiblefrom every major European citywithin 2 hours.
  6. The Polish economy shows constant growth, with high levels of trust and a low level of corruption. This stable political and economic climate makes it very conducive for business.


Outsourcing software development can be a nervewracking affair for some clients.  Nearshoring, however, is a very interesting and promising alternative, with Poland leading the way as a trusted powerhouse for high-quality software development.

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