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6 Tips How To Make Your Home Office Efficient

Times have been shifting and with changing times the tech and the needs of people have taken a turn too. Now this change is not just confined to our personal lives where we have become highly dependent on our phones and tabs for meeting our every small need, but it has spread its wings in the professional sphere also. Along with the Word and the Google documents that have replaced the paperwork in offices, the office culture is also being fast replaced by work from home concept.

Since our world has been struck down by a lethal virus, both the value and demand for work from home have recorded an increase. This is because in the times of Corona, going to the office is being recognized as highly dangerous. Covid-19 can be easily contracted by coming into contact with an infected surface and hence, the governments around the world are recommending people to stay at home and to opt for remote working. It is being said that doing so can help in containing the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

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Is working from home feasible?

In the digital age, the employees don’t need to assemble in a traditional, centralized workplace to do the “office work.” Today, with the help of digital tech you can efficiently complete the projects and even conduct meetings without being in the same room, or even in the same city or country. So, rather than working in a cubicle the employees now have the option of sitting and working from their homes or their favorite coffee shops. The only 2 requirements for remote working are a laptop and a good internet connection. And if you have them both, then you are all set. 

Now as to the question of if or not remote working is practical, let’s quickly check some facts.

  • Easy working conditions

Remote working translates into easy working conditions. So, consider if you have some issue because of which you cannot go to your office, then under normal circumstances, this would mean a leave, but with remote work, you can literally work from a park or even from a hospital. This is beneficial for both the employer and the employee as it would ensure that the work gets completed easily without dragging the deadlines.

  • It facilitates more work 

77% of the workers report more work productivity when they are working remotely. This is because in remote working conditions the normal distractions and unnecessary office hurdles are not in between you and your work when you are working from someplace else. Hence, it means more work in less time. Again something that the employers will appreciate heartily.

  • Less wasted time

When you opt for remote working, it also translates into less wasted time for the employees as now they don’t need to spend hours stuck in traffic. People don’t need to wake up 2 hours before their office time simply to look presentable and to reach office on time. They can literally just wake up, take a quick bath, settle down in their PJs, and fire up their systems to start work! This routine hardly takes 15 minutes. 

  • Automatization of companies

As per the present trend, automatization is the need of the hour. The less you start to rely on things that can ditch you at the end moment, and the more you become dependent on technology and machinery for carrying out your work, the greater will be your chances of success. And remote working or work from home is one step towards the automatization of a company. 

Hence, it can be concluded that even though work from home is a still-developing field, yet this option is a feasible one, especially when you look at it in the context of the present scenario of Covid-19.

How can you improve your remote working efficiency?

Now that we have discussed the feasibility of work from home option, let us now have a look at tips to improve your efficiency while remote working from home.

  1. Use video chat platforms like Vidoco

One of the disadvantages of remote working is that people do not get the opportunity to see their co-workers or employers face to face. Many times this leads to miscommunication. Now, if you want to correct this error, then one way of doing that would be to use video calling platforms like Zoom or Vidoco. Like zoom, which is an easy and reliable platform for video communications, Vidoco is also a feasible option for video calls.

With Vidoco, the user is granted the option of using a video calling tool without installing it on their phones or computers. Rather you can just access it on your browser. Plus, with Vidoco, the call receiver does not need to worry about registration because here one-sided registration is also enough. Other benefits of using this tool include the options of recording a conversation so that you can revisit it any time you like and the choice of sending an invite through an email or SMS to the receiver which is both an easy and practical solution.

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  1. Share official documents

When you are in office, it is quite easy for your co-workers, employers, or employees to knock on your office door to ask for that file or document that you were working on yesterday. But when you are working remotely this can act as a hindrance to the work progress as your colleague may have to wait to get a document from you simply because your working timings do not match.

Hence, if you are not already doing it, then starting today onwards, get into the habit of working on Google Docs, Box, or Dropbox to share files. Having scattered files on Email, Word, or personal hard drive is not recommended. 

  1. Be pro about time management

Many employers worry if their employees are actually working during the office hours or are they skipping office work for managing their laundry tasks or for binge-watching Netflix while they are working remotely. Well, to be honest, the concern is genuine. So, what is the way around it?

Well, according to us, to deal with such issues the employee needs to be firm about deadlines and protecting time. So, consider if you are working on a project and you have set a deadline for the employees for 23, then be firm at 23. You can even send them a reminder email at 21 to ensure that they finish work in time.

  1. Have a workplace at home

While working from home, a lot of employees complain about motivation. According to a survey, 2/3rd of the people who work from home reported, they don’t feel inspired to leave their beds or to power up their laptops to get into the ‘work mode’. This has been known as a major deter in work efficiency.

Now, one good way to deal with this is to assign yourself a workspace. This is because when you work from your bed or couch, the leisurely feels do not leave your body completely. This hinders your work. Hence, getting yourself a dedicated room or surface -a specific place for work like a table or a coffee shop- that consistently remains your workspace is a good idea. It will boost your morale and help you in getting into the right frame of mind.

  1. Emphasize over communication

When working in a remote team, it happens so often that one person assumes something while that is not what the other person meant. This results in miscommunications, and it can affect your work negatively. Hence, in order to ensure that nothing of this sort happens, emphasize over-communicating, and leave nothing to assumption. 

Make sure to clarify all the doubts and lay down the expectations very clearly. Use video chatting platforms like Vidoco while communicating with your team member or your head so you can always go back to it, and have a look at the recorded conversation to clear any lingering doubts. If you still have some doubts left, then don’t hesitate to drop a mail. Remember, it is better to communicate than to work wrong.

  1. Get regular feedback

Even when you are working in the same space, it is often difficult for employees to report any problem that they might have with their colleagues or boss. It is quite hard to stand up to your superior to tell him that something is not working right. Hence, it falls upon the employer to make sure that the employees can reach him easily.

When you are working remotely you can do this by asking your employees for feedback. So, check-in on your colleagues regularly, ask them if things are working smoothly or if they would like to change something. You can either do this by dropping in their inbox or it can be managed over a phone call or over our personal favourite video call!


Thus, we can see how working from home is a booming field that is assisting industries and companies in running smoothly. Using this culture the companies can tap into human resources from anywhere in the world and make maximum profits. However, it also necessitates mention that remote working has its own set of challenges. But if you plan futuristically and use your resources like the Vidoco video calling platforms smartly, then you will easily and effectively overcome the hurdles!

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