Master Developer

Software developer with project management skills

Working as a software developer includes coding and delivering new features. Only after a few weeks I am able to understand how mistaken I was.

Let’s assume that you begin a new project and you have to deal with development and client side communication both at the same time. How to manage your time? How to deal with client’s requests?

Scheduling and basic communication 

It’s fairly easy to get stuck while working alone on a new stream engine that should be better than the facebook’s platform. Most junior developers tends to deal with problems until they find solution on their own. Do not hesitate to ask senior friends for help nor do not be afraid to tell that you need additional hours. If you are having your own doubts, you should question others suggestions.

Another thing that makes a huge difference is being prepared for daily standups meetings or daily messages. Remember to speak common language with client or project manager, they might not have technical knowledge.

Development process

If you want to avoid common misunderstandings further on, try preparing first builds as soon as possible. This will allow your client to give you immediate feedback. Preparing summaries after calls and focusing on delivering product which was originally accepted is the appropriate way to go.

“What clients really want is the best possible product with the earliest possible ship date.”

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